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Itchy Fingerz Website

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HTML5 Development

Challenge:Itchy fingerz is an interactive mobile games and applications studio passionate about delivering a high quality digital experience to cater to your creative needs.It’s a digital studio, which designs, codes and delivers.Itchy fingerz required a website to showcase their portfolio online, for their clients. They wanted a simple yet interactive website where clients could get access to their services and offerings, which had to specific and to the point.
Off- Road Studios developed a website using HTML 5, to allow the user to take an interactive toll through the company. Giving a unique experience to the visitors. A fun experience that allows users a glimpse into what the company holds for them.  Different HTML 5 data visualization tools help in enhancing the static information presentation. The website highlights the functionality and creative potential of the company. The added motion and pace make the static images come to live and allow interaction and engagement as the user goes through different segments.  A multi layered website, with HTML5 Animation and the use of J Query Parallax, The visitors can use the mouse to scroll through the space to get access to information regarding the company, its core values, it’s portfolio and services. The website reflects a true image of the company, focusing on simplicity and innovation.
The new interactive website design was a great success for Itchy Fingerz. The one paged website with the easiest user interface attracted current and potential clients. It received an over all positive response and led to increase in sales and projects for the company. The website was successful in communicating a powerful image of the company, one that believes in creativity. Mission accomplished.

Itchy fingerz HTML5 website 1 - Off-Road Studios
Itchy fingerz HTML5 website 2 - Off-Road Studios
Itchy fingerz HTML5 website 3 - Off-Road Studios
Itchy fingerz HTML5 website 4 - Off-Road Studios
Itchy fingerz HTML5 website 5 - Off-Road Studios
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Itchy fingerz HTML5 website - Off-Road Studios