Powerball Supernova

Sub Titles: 
3D product design/ Web application and 3D product animations

Powerballs are spinning gadget marvels that are a great way to build grip and arm strength.  They are revolutionary gyroscopes that create miraculous inertial forces in the palm of your hands while you spin it.  Powerballs are great for muscle rehabilitation with inbuilt digital speed counter that helps you track your Hi-Score. It even features a cool light effect when it’s in action.

To market this fun and innovative product , Off-Road Studios was tasked to develop various 3D models and still images for the demonstration of all the products.  Not only that, our team also developed 3D Animations for marketing purposes. To top it all off, Off-Road studio’s team developed a Real time application for Powerball.

The 3D product modeling designs were carefully designed using Maya 3DS MAX that gives a true demonstration of the actual product. While postproduction took place using Photoshop aftereffects. The 3D imaging was completed for various models, such as Supernova, Diablo, NSD Diablo, 250HZ, HAZE and VORTEX. Each design mirrored the different models while distinguishing them from one another.

Once the models were designed, Off-Road Studios created 3D product animations for Powerball highlighting the main features and functionalities of the various models.

Off-Road Studios developed an interactive Real Time Application for Powerball that allows the user to gain first hand experience on the dynamics of the product.  Our experts in Unity developed this Real time animation. The application allows the user to gain visual insights regarding the product allowing the user to test various features online. For example, the user can control the speed using the speed control tab and also alter the rotations using the Rotation tab. It’s a fun and engaging application that also allows the user to experiment with lighting as well as the background colors, where the user can get hands on experience of the product with out actually holding it.

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