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ChezNur Restaurant
Reimagined the ChezNur experience by reinventing their brand identity and successfully managed to create a niche for it.

ChezNur is a restaurant specialising in luxury fine-dine experience synonymous to none other. The restaurant has achieved the highest standards of tang and flavor, while maintaining an unparalleled customer service. The core problem they faced was their entrant status in a very competitive market. ChezNur needed a strong and detailed brand identity, while maintaining highly differentiable products, ambiance and experience for its customers.

An entire brand identity was crafted that catered to the traditional as well as the modern. Various classic designs were used throughout the interior of the restaurant, inspired by the architecture of the Mughals. A compelling, user-friendly, mobile optimized web-app was developed to establish a strong online presence. Other branding collateral like business cards, letterheads and stamps, were also composed, in coherence with the brand's identity.

Brand & Creative Strategy
Web, Mobile & Technologies