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SuperHero Dozer
Ideation, design and development of one of the most addictive arcade games. Now doze coins, the SuperHero way!

Ready to jolt sheeny gold coins and exciting prizes? No cash, quarters, bulldozer, or trip to Vegas needed. OffRoadStudios is the proud developer and designer of the arcade game we all are hooked to. Bringing you its take on the infamous arcade game, The Superhero Coin Dozer. The gameplay is simple and addictive with some awesome superhero twists. The user interface is catchy, visually appealing and easy to understand, with an addictive gameplay and impressive 3D graphics.

Drop coins, shake the board, raise the walls and get busy collecting. Look out for the special coins, they will spawn along to help you win. Collect awesome SuperHero boosts and power ups and, use them to gain levels  and to unlock amazing consumable characters like Rumbo Strong, Captain Spacey, Morty the Mummy and Clive Cop. Spin the wheel or hunt treasure to win bonuses, gems and much more. Dont forget to compare your score and compete with players on the global Leaderboard.

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