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We breed superheroes. Heroes that not only create the unimaginable but motivate others to do so as well. We offer a nurturing playground to experiment, grasp and conquer the most creative, challenging and ever evolving world of technology.

Game Developers & Programmers

Experience: Fresh to 1 yr

The eclectic world of gaming. Being avid gamers we love to play games, especially our own. At OffRoadStudios creative thinking is the norm and ... READ MORE

Web Mobile Gurus & Engineers

Experience: Fresh to 1 yr

We're looking for kickass developers and engineers with god-like superpowers! Do you have what it takes to tame the digital landscape of mobile an ... READ MORE

Designers, Innovators & Strategists

Experience: Fresh to 1 yr

Brand is the commitment, the expression of fierce individuality and the symbol of loyalty. We don't just create brands but DNA. DNA that triggers ... READ MORE

Animators & Illustrators

Experience: Fresh to 1 yr

The best way to predict the future is to create it. Are you itchin’ to be a part of something revolutionary? To create something that re ... READ MORE

Business Drivers, Marketers & Trainees

Experience: Fresh to 1 yr

People of this territory wear many hats, but most importantly they are the public voice of our eclectic crew of designers, technologists, producers ... READ MORE