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Brand is the commitment, the expression of fierce individuality and the symbol of loyalty. We don't just create brands but DNA. DNA that triggers emotions and demands loyalty. Do you have what it takes to orchestrate brilliant and unique identities? Can you gauge the soul and purpose of a brand? This landscape demands a creative flair and an up-to-date knowledge of the industry software. It is not enough to create art, you will need to be an effective communicator as well. Strategic thinking may be the most essential design tool in your arsenal. You need to hone your creativity and keep yourself a cut above the competition at all times. All you masters of visual-verbal expression, join us and let’s take the world by storm. 


  1. Adobe-Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe-Flash. 
  2. Good knowledge of After Effects.
  3. 3DMa/ Maya/C4D would be a plus.
  4. Good knowledge of post-production and editing (Final Cut/Premiere). 
  5. Design and animate opening titles. 
  6. Good understanding of the creative process at different stages.
  7. Conceptualization, storyboarding, animating and editing.
  8. Good communications and the ability to prepare creative design solutions for a multitude of clients.
  9. Facilitate in discussions with them about their graphics/video needs. 
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  • Brand & Creative Strategy

  • Web, Mobile & Technologies

  • Gaming & Interactive

  • CGI, Animation & VFX

  • Digital Marketing & Advertising

  • Production & Post

  • Interpersonal Skills