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Web Mobile Gurus & Engineers

We're looking for kickass developers and engineers with god-like superpowers! Do you have what it takes to tame the digital landscape of mobile and web and sculpt something truly unique? We are on a quest to find up-and-comers who are daring enough to enter the ultimate digital ecosystem we have chiseled. You need to be a creative nugget who has the drive to develop dynamic Web/Mobile tools. You will be required to work closely with the Development Squad, Project Managers and the Sales Team. Alert colleagues to emerging technologies or applications and integrate them into operations and activities. Contribute regularly to the development community of the CMS of your choice. Got what it takes to enter this realm?

We hope to decipher the following capabilities in the applicants:

  1. Web programming experience, including PHP, ASP or JSP is of core importance
  2. 1 year minimum experience working with relational database systems such as MySQL, MSSQL or Oracle and a good working knowledge of SQL.
  3. Must be well versed in Object Oriented Programming.
  4. Must be a Ninja Programmer with skills in IOS/Android/BlackBerry/Windows Mobile SDK or any other contemporary mobile developing platform. Proficiency in any other mobile framework will be a plus. Preference will be given to candidates with knowledge of application architecture and design pattern.
  5. Game Design and Architecture will be a plus.
  6. Ability to communicate with peers and work independently on a self-driven path is of utmost importance.
  7. Must be fluent in oral & written communication in English.
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  • Brand & Creative Strategy

  • Web, Mobile & Technologies

  • Gaming & Interactive

  • CGI, Animation & VFX

  • Digital Marketing & Advertising

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