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Bouncing Birds
A Cross-Platform (iPhone/Android) Mobile Game with Vibrant Visuals and an Addictive Gameplay





Insanely simple and addictive gameplay. Tap anywhere on the screen to bounce. Cross the branches to increase your score.










Brids Bounce is a simple, addictive and fun game developed by the gaming studios of OffRoad studios called


OffRoad Arcade. OffRoad Arcade is known for developing fun, simple and very very addictive games. In this


game, the survival of the little birdies is at stake! Only you can help the little one to reach top of the tree.


Simply touch anywhere on the screen to bounce and cross the branches to increase your score. Challenge


friends for high score in this never-ending game of grabbing power-ups, collecting stars and climbing to the


top. The UI of the game is so colorful and youthful. The bright colors of the game cheers you up and the sweet


chirpy background sound makes the game really enjoyable.



How to Play:


◉ Tap anywhere to jump or tap longer to jump higher


◉ Avoid touching any birds, owls or worms


◉ Collect stars to unlock characters


◉ Grab floating shield to become invincible Features


◉ Insanely simple and addictive game-play


◉ 11 playable birdies to choose from


◉ Share high score & play with friends