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Oye Hoye by United Snacks
Driving brand awareness and advocacy for Oye Hoye, through an engaging 2D animation.

United Snacks is a progressive and dynamic snacks manufacturing company. Oye Hoye is United Snacks’ flagship brand for chips. Increasing awareness and focus on health and nutrition motivated United Snacks to show their customers their manufacturing process. The aim was to create an interactive and engaging infomercial that would educate and enrich young lives with flavorsome taste of premium quality snacks.

Manufacturing process is very complex and dull to explain to the minors. OffRoadStudios defined the process in a fun and engaging story. Created a 2D animation centred around Oye Hoye’s brand mascot, Oochi. Oochi takes the viewer on a journey of healthy goodness, from the farm to the stores.  From selecting the best quality potatoes, cleaning, slicing, dewatering, frying, de-oiling and seasoning to packaging. Owed to the right mix of humor, facts and aesthetics the animation instilled intended brand awareness.

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