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Abdullah Khan Architects
Reinvented Abdullah Khan Architects Digital Presence, through an Interactive Modern Website

A clean, modern and visually alluring
website for a future forward brand.

Simple and responsive user experience
to complement the modern interface.

Improved information flow
with convenient user navigation.








Abdullah Khan Architects is one of the few firms who strive for constant innovation and excellence. Their vision is to design and build for tomorrow, based on the challenges of today. However one area where the brand identity was absent was on the digital mediums. The minimal that existed failed in translating the core brand values effectively.



OffRoad's envisioned a future forward design, for a future forward company. Abdullah's digital presence was feeble and added no value to the brand. Defining their digital strategy and positioning became crucial. We designed and developed a mobile-first, web interface that is modern, sleek and dynamic. A platform that truly reflects the growth, transformation and values of the firm.