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Abacus Learning Services is the premier Oracle training institute in Pakistan, providing the highest level of


services to its students in terms of their professional and personal development along with unparalleled


expertise. Being in partnership with Oracle, they have the largest faculty of highly trained, certified course


instructors. Abacus Consulting Services is also a subsidiary of Abacus Consulting.

















Being a 360 Interactive Digital Experiential Agency we revamped the old website content and not only


implemented the cutting edge solution in Drupal but also brandish their story in the spot light. Abacus services


compendium was growing and they were investing more into the endorsement efforts. Additional services were


under construction and increasing web users burdening there servers. The problem child just didn’t rest here;


the movement of the content from the old site to the new seemed like hot water. In ad mist of this entire 


dilemma it was time to spruce up there heart, abacus-global.com, to ensure that it conveyed the picture of the


500 million worth company it is.





A new website creation was an essential here. To save the day, OffRoad Studios came through with the idea of 


presenting Abacus as the “Halo” organization. From revamping the old website content to the new one we not


only implemented the cutting edge solution in Drupal but also brandish there story in the spot light by two


unique concepts.




The two concepts we came up were; sky being the limit for the company, through balloons whereas, the clouds


portraying the niche for technology. Strong pre-eminences were placed on the content and an application was


built for user interactivity and supporting a large content push platform along with search engine optimization.


To structure the content management, user roles were developed based on the organizational hierarchy.


Furthermore, to complement our services Abacus was designed with flexibility to expand and accommodate its


future venture prospects through increased life span of the application.




On all accounts one will find the site to be presenting the true picture of Abacus’s mission of transformation,


partnership and success. It will allow users the experience to be able to connect and find solutions by unique 


blends of transformational strategies of the companies to meet the challenges of the modern world today. After


the website was launched the immediate reaction of Abacus was “WOW!” The SEO Optimized website resulted


in drastic raise in the traffic. It permitted handling peak traffic hours as well as the visual design of the website


potrays an image of a 500 million company.