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AI Real Maps Real-Estate Marketplace on Maps
Real-Estate Marketplace on Maps

AI Real Maps is a real-estate marketplace on maps, a disruptive prop-tech innovation which connects all players in the real-estate ecosystem including buyers, sellers, agents, brokers, realtors, landlords and property companies.



Key Highlights


A full featured property management of user generated real-estate on maps.


Global map based search of for sale and rental real estate of all types.


Micro-level filtering of real estate on maps, save preferences, bookmark favorite real estate, group, organise, trigger alarms and notification.


Create full featured custom branded, independent real estate listings map space and private property stores.


Marketing tools to share individual properties or private stores across various social channels keeping your audience engaged and growing


Digital dashboards for agents, brokers, realtors and property companies to manage properties, new leads and teams.


Browse or create Google street view/virtual reality walk throughs of exterior or interior real-estate and nearby locations.


Spot opportunities and predict outcomes with marketplace analytics, make the right decisions in buying and selling properties every time.







Individual buyers/sellers, agents, brokers, realtors, lenders, landlords and property companies can buy, sell, manage residential and commercial real estate, including sharing/renting real-estate assets such as land, offices, storage and apartments.  



It also provides white labeled, branded Amazon-like private property listings, that allows realtors, agents and property companies to publish properties on their exclusive real-estate store while also generating new properties to sell and new buyers from the marketplace.



Homeowners and Individuals can invite and engage agents, realtors and property companies from the marketplace to help sell real estate faster and at a best price.










  • SaaS (software-as-a-service) through monthly subscription charged to agents, brokers, realtors, and property companies to own a custom branded instance of AIRealMaps with all its features as a private real-estate listing store.


  • A fee charged to Individual sellers, homeowners when publishing more than three free properties or when publishing a featured property.


  • An area wise highest bid paid by agents, brokers, realtors, and property companies to be exhibited in featured invites to individual sellers/homeowners. An invite is a new lead/property added to their property store under their brand.


  • A manual transactional exchange on sale/purchase of a property, charged by either an agent, broker, realtor, property company or AIRealMaps, whoever closed the deal. 










AIRealMaps is a global product with potential customers across the globe. 


Individual buyers/sellers, agents, brokers, realtors, lenders, landlords and property companies interested in showcasing, selling, buying, investing in residential, industrial and commercial real estate or seasonal renting of real-estate assets including rooms, portions & floors, storage and apartments.