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ChezNur Restaurant
Reimagined the ChezNur Experience by Reinventing their Brand Identity and Successfully Managed to Create a Niche for it.



The Logo and brand Identity is inspired by the traditional wall motifs of sub-continent








Simple and compeling design with easy to use interface







Chez Nur is a luxurious restaurant placed in the heart of Gulberg, just off the famous restaurant hub of MM Alam Road, Lahore. It ensures safe parking and a serene retreat away from the noisy roads and busy city life. The menu of this restaurant is created by keeping the finest French Cooking recipes in mind with a prime purpose to delight people who are in search of a better-quality dining experience. The wonderful ambience, impeccable services and high-class cuisine adds to overall dining experience of every visitor who visits Chez Nur. The mouthwatering aroma and powerful taste of the food made by expert chef attracts the savvy French Food lovers from across the city.



Being adaptive, the administration has realized the changing marketing trends and technologies. So, they decided to reach their specified segment through a web-app by which they can make this alluring dining space reachable to the ‘French Food Lovers’ of the posh city, Lahore and also to the people who frequently travel to Lahore. So, they decided to have a direct interaction with the dynamic market of Lahore including the frequent incomers by this responsive web-app through which all the feature and new offers can be seen by the customers. At the same time all the complaints, suggestion and customer experiences can also be taken on board by the administration which shows their keenness to provide their customers the best dining experience. This responsive web-app is adjustable with all the devices like PCs, laptops, i-Phones, i-pads, androids and tablets. It is designed and developed by Off-Road Agency (360 Digital Experiential Agency).