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An enhanced, compelling and informative web experience, designed for Orient’s full range of Air Conditioners.

Orient parents an assorted range of home appliances including Air Conditioners, LED TVs, Refrigerators, Water Dispensers, Ovens etc. OffRoadStudios elevated their brand apprehension and digital presence by developing a strong online presence. First we contrived a corporate website that reflects their core values and innovative products. Their vision was to implement a modern technology in their innovative products. To benedict their message, OffRoadStudios developed a flamboyant user interface to engage users for an aeonian with a user friendly experience. OffRoadStudios nurtured the brand growth by ameliorating their digital presence. This interactive website enhanced their global digital presence and devised a new brand image in the user’s mind. The new interface is modern, sleek and dynamic that truly reflects the growth, values and transformation of Orient.

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