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Reassured Tazweed’s commitment to deliver the best, through an interactive and fully responsive website with a robust interface.







Tazweed is a leading and reliable global network of specialized recruiters representing key industry sectors, finding their clients qualified candidates, and ensuring their quick and efficient onboarding. Tazweed wanted their web portal to reflect stability and trust. As work becomes more demanding, less predictable, Tazweed wanted to be the constant support for both employers and employees.



OffRoadStudios delivered a fully responsive solution devised to perfectly cater to the brand’s objectives. Worked together with Tazweed’s team and designed and developed a portal that would ensure efficiency, accelerate innovation, increase productivity and uphold their core brand values. The website aided them in becoming the market’s trusted source for employment of labor and employer of choice.





Reinforced the trust Tazweed has earned
over the years through a new and integrating
job portal, that lead to a significant
increase in traffic.