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S.A. Group
Elevated their brand perception and performance by developing a strong corporate identity, both online and offline.




Establishing a new and strong brand identity for S.A Group.







S.A. Group parents a diverse set of companies with strong roots in real estate development, modern agriculture, healthcare, food and entertainment. It enjoys zero financial liability and thus has gained widespread trust from people. However a major hurdle in their growth was due the absence of a strong and distinctive brand identity and presence.



OffRoadStudios saw it for it was, a faceless company with a lot to say. We devised a strategy that reflected growth and modernity and also reinforced S.A. Group's core values and beliefs. Crafted a corporate profile and identity that reflects growth, reliability and stability. Deployed a mobile first approach for their website to reach maximum people and establish direct communication between the business and its clients. A comprehensive timeline  was designed and incorporated. The timeline brilliantly communicated its scale and experience to its clients.








Clean and sophisticated online presence that complements the brand identity.





Impactful corporate imagery and shoot to reinforce the brand’s stature.






A detailed corporate shoot that grasped the brief perfectly.